When an AANHPI woman or transgender person has decided to have an abortion, they deserve access to compassionate, affordable, timely, high quality abortion care—not racist, anti-immigrant barriers.


Unfortunately, insidious anti-abortion laws targeting Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander women have passed and are on the books in 11 states. The so-called “sex- selective abortion bans,” also known as “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Acts” (PRENDA) draw on racist stereotypes to prevent us from having agency over our lives. There are already enough barriers to getting the abortion care we deserve, and we don’t need racial prejudice to be another one.

Even in New York, PRENDA legislation has been put up for a vote six times. We want the New York City Council to take a stand and let the state legislature and the country to know: we will not be silent while politicians restrict our reproductive autonomy under false, racist pretenses. We’re demanding the New York City Council pass a resolution that says the city opposes discriminatory sex-selective abortion bans.

We believe all cis women, transgender men, and genderqueer people should have the right and ability to access abortion care.

Can you sign our petition below to let NYC Council Members know you agree?