NAPAWF*NYC Action Alerts

The Study Group

Join us for The Study Group on August 29th: Join us as we explore how to fight the ongoing violence of family separation and incarceration. We’ll dive deep into Japanese and Japanese American WWII incarceration, a painful chapter in American history. We’ll also explore how the alienation and dehumanization of nonwhite people is manifesting today, and how Japanese Americans - through the Tsuru For Solidarity campaign - are working in solidarity with other marginalized communities to fight oppression and to facilitate intergenerational healing. Let’s stop repeating history.

NYC against PRENDA

Sign our petition calling on New York City to be a leader for abortion access!

Insidious anti-abortion laws targeting Asian American and Pacific Islander women specifically have passed and are on the books in 11 states. The so-called “sex- selective abortion bans,” also known as “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Acts” (PRENDA) draw on racist stereotypes to push abortion care further out of reach.

Even in New York, PRENDA legislation has been put up for a vote six times (WTF, right?!). We want the New York City Council to take a stand and let the state legislature and the country to know: we will not be silent while politicians restrict our reproductive autonomy under false, racist pretenses. We’re demanding the New York City Council pass a resolution that says the city opposes discriminatory sex-selective abortion bans. Click here to sign the petition and learn more.

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