Help us make New York City the first city in the nation to directly fund abortion care!

With federal attacks on abortion access mounting every day, we have one message for people in need of abortion care: New York City is here for you. 

NAPAWF*NYC is proud to be a part of the Fund Abortion NYC campaign, calling on the New York City Council to do its part to ensure that financial barriers don’t interfere with anyone’s ability to control when and whether to become a parent.

We are asking the City Council to fund the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF), which helps hundreds of people each year pay for the abortion care they need when facing economic and logistical barriers to access. This support would make New York City the first city in the nation to directly fund abortion care.

NAPAWF*NYC is joining National Institute for Reproductive Health, the New York Abortion Access FundAll* Above AllNational Latina Institute for Reproductive Health New York LANReproductive Health Access ProjectLady Parts Justice League, the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum NYC Chapter, the National Council of Jewish Women New York, and WHARR to ask the New York City Council to fund abortion care for New Yorkers.

Despite local laws and policies that improve access to abortion in New York State and New York City, many barriers to access remain, including:

  • Ban on abortion coverage in federal insurance

  • Concerns about safety and confidentiality of young people and others on their parent or partner’s insurance

  • Deductibles and copays still charged by insurance companies

  • Inability to wait – due to medical need, unpredictable work schedules, or limited access to child care – for paperwork to be processed, even if a patient qualifies for emergency Medicaid

  • Ban on abortion in New York State after 24 weeks

  • Income too high to qualify for public health insurance but not high enough to be able to afford an abortion

To ensure that people in New York City have access to abortion care, sign this petition to ask the New York City Council to eliminate financial barriers to abortion care in NYC. 

As other states continue to pass laws that restrict abortion access and the right to legal abortion comes under unprecedented attack nationwide, New York City should set the national standard as a place where abortion is not only accessible, but affordable for all.

Working together, we can help directly aid individuals seeking abortion care while leading the country on health equity and justice.