The Study Group

Staying engaged in current events can be challenging. Endlessly scrolling through headlines, bookmarking articles, and watching videos of what’s happening in the world can feel overwhelming-- especially when you don’t have a space to share your thoughts or a community to lean on.

NAPAWF*NYC introduces The Study Group: an article club that meets regularly in order to further educate ourselves and each other on current issues that impact our communities. This is a dedicated space for civic-minded Asian women and femmes to thoughtfully unpack issues, learn, and unlearn. Prior to each session, we provide relevant articles and multimedia content for attendees to look through before the discussion. Going over the materials is recommended, but not required to join the session. Take a look below at our previous Study Groups!

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May | The State of Health Coverage for Immigrant Women & Families | Link to event

At this Study Group, NAPAWF*NYC took a closer look at what healthcare looks like for the most vulnerable of of our community: immigrant AAPI women.

Immigrants are prohibited from accessing public, affordable health insurance like Medicaid and CHIP until they’ve been in the U.S. for five years. This arbitrary five-year waiting period was put in place by politicians intent on denying immigrants access to programs that their tax dollars already support. Attendees learned more about the HEAL for Immigrant Women and Families Act, federal legislation that is the first step toward ensuring immigrant women and their families can access crucial and comprehensive healthcare that is central to their agency and their lives, their families, and their communities. 



April | Our Truths, Our Lives: Storytelling for Reproductive Justice | Link to event

Our stories are too frequently overlooked and missing, especially when it comes to reproductive health, rights, and justice. As AAPI women, we know telling our personal stories can be empowering both for ourselves and for those listening. We deserve to share our truths and frame our own narratives, especially in the face of stereotypes placed on us by politicians aiming to control our bodies and harm our families. At this event, NAPAWF*NYC screened a few stories from the 1 in 3 Campaign, and held a storytelling workshop enabling members to speak their truths.


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March | Dreams, Detained: In Her Words | Link to event

Immigration has been a part of AAPI history since the beginning of time. This Study Group focused on how our community members are being willfully forced out of our country today, specifically the effects of detention and deportation of Southeast Asian community members and their families that have loomed over for some time, including a recent surge under the Trump administration.

Yet, for the most part, deportations within the Asian American community continue to go unnoticed and recognition of them is excluded from the narrative surrounding immigration. At this Study Group we shared stories and ways we could take action.


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February | AAPI Equal Pay Day | Link to event

We’ve all seen that graphic that says Asian American women earn 87 cents to a white man’s dollar—but does that statistic tell the entire story? Spoiler alert: no! NAPAWF*NYC members had a conversation about economic justice within the Asian American (AA), Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPIs) communities and what equal pay looks like for us.

Despite the myth that AAs and NPHIs have universally achieved economic and professional success in the United States, we still actually face economic hardship and gender discrimination in the workplace. The “model minority myth” has rendered AA and NPHI women, transgender, and gender non-conforming people nearly invisible in existing wage gap analysis and policy. At the Study Group, we discussed the Paycheck Fairness Act, federal legislation that would take the first step towards pay equity.



January | Reproductive Justice 101 | Link to event

The topic of focus for our January Study Group was reproductive justice. Members learned about racist and sexist bans on abortion access like PRENDA (Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act) that specifically target Asian and Pacific Islander women. Based on inaccurate and harmful stereotypes that Asian women prefer sons over daughters, PRENDA is a bill that would obstruct Asian American women's access to reproductive care & expose them to criminalization. These bans require health care providers to racially profile their patients and ultimate push abortion care further out of reach for API women and women of color. This Study Group was the launching off point of NAPAWF*NYC’s campaign to pass a local resolution opposing sex-selective abortion bans.