We celebrate the expansive multitudes and truths of Asian / American (AAs) / Native Hawaiians / Pacific Islanders (NHPIs)) who are people of color, women, queer/transgender, working class or poor, disabled, undocumented, Muslim, and people of faith. We understand that we are the experts of our own lives, and cannot justly represent every story. At the same time, we will  strive to be reflective of all AAs and NHPIs, including Indigenous/Native Pacific Islanders, South Asian, and Southeast Asian, who are often not represented in the mainstream and often are marginalized.


We believe in creating a brave and inclusive space to educate and engage, learn and share, and challenge and grow together. We welcome all people including newcomers or latecomers, and commit to sharing our learnings with our people and elders who cannot be/are not in the space.


We will not be silent. We recognize the connections between systems of oppression and that “historically we have accommodated ourselves to this society in order to survive” (Asian American Political Alliance Manifesto, 1968). We stand in solidarity alongside other movements for freedom and liberation including Black, Latinx, Native-led and centered movements. We commit to dismantling the white supremacist, anti-black, capitalist, heteronormative patriarchy.


We mobilize around the political, social, cultural, and personal. We know that there are multiple pathways to freedom and that they all have to happen at the same time. We work to galvanize Asian American political and people power to change public policy and culture. We believe we will win.


We are a part of a larger network. The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, the only multi-issue, progressive, community organizing and policy advocacy organization for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) women and girls in the U.S., is our parent organization. NAPAWF*NYC is one of over 14 chapters across the country and together we are unstoppable.